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Zhang Palace is a classic-modern architecture building located in a strategic business area of western Surabaya. With a different luxurious interior design for each floor, Zhang Palace is a suitable place to celebrate your special events, such as wedding, engagement, birthday, gathering, corporate events, and many more. The great locations nearby Kota Satelit highway entrance make Zhang Palace easily reached from other area even from outside Surabaya. Vast parking area can accommodate around 450 cars is even complete with security and valet parking services to present pleasant visits for the customers. For more private occasions, there are 4 separate VIP rooms with the capacity up to 50 persons for each room.


Carrying the years of experiences in the Chinese food restaurant business, the owner of Zhang Palace continue the success by ensuring the satisfaction of the customers, hence a professional banquet team is engaged to provide excellent services in each occasion. Shark’s Fin and Abalone are our specialty in taste and are highly recommended menu.


The first floor is Chun Yuan Restaurant which opens daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Chun Yuan Restaurant offers a wide-range of delicious Chinese food menus that are well-prepared and cooked by our international chefs. Chun Yuan Restaurant also serves for outside catering and provides delivery service so the customers are able to enjoy our delicious Chinese food directly from their comfy home.


The second floor namely Zhang Palace Hall, is a multi-function hall with American Style for the interior design. The hall is 750 m2 wide, with the capacity up to 500 people for seating style party and 800 people for standing party. The third floor is Zhang Palace Ballroom; elegance Romanians Style Ballroom which is a perfect place to celebrate your special events and make it unforgettable. The ballroom capacity is up to 80 tables for seating style and 1200 people for standing party.

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